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At Bohemia, we’re not just about offering a sanctuary; we’re committed to fostering positive change. We proudly support Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper, a local NGO affiliated with the global network, Waterkeeper Alliance. Their mission is clear – to safeguard the purity of our rivers, lakes, and coastlines through grassroots initiatives.

Stretching from Manzanillo to the Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve, Nicoya Waterkeeper addresses environmental challenges in four critical ways:

Water Management:
With unwavering dedication, they monitor and enhance water quality, both at home and in local businesses, combating pollution and preserving this precious resource.

Waste Management: Through robust recycling and composting efforts, they reduce environmental impact, making a significant difference in our communities.

Education and Awareness: The Nicoya Waterkeeper team leaves no stone unturned. From town to town, restaurant to restaurant, and hotel to hotel, they’ve launched powerful campaigns and organized community beach cleanups to raise environmental consciousness.

Law Enforcement: They’re here for you. If you ever witness a violation, be it an institution or restaurant breaching water or waste regulations, Nicoya Waterkeeper will act. They’ll provide support, follow up, and advocate for proper enforcement of the law.


In their noble quest, they’ve instituted a certification for local businesses – “Ocean Friendly Business.” Bohemia is committed to joining this initiative, but in the meantime, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to this remarkable NGO and their work.

The issue at hand is not unique to Santa Teresa but a global concern. Unfortunately, waste management is often neglected, resulting in streets and beaches marred by litter and plastic. The repercussions are severe, causing harm to wildlife and posing health risks to humans. The same water that sustains local animals and plants, and even us at times, becomes tainted.

This is a collective fight, and you can play your part. You can make a donation to support the cause. Your entire contribution goes directly to protecting our coastal waters. For example, they plan to hire four dedicated individuals to clean our beaches daily.

Donations start from as little as $1. You can make your donations here at Bohemia’s reception, but you can also contribute directly to their PayPal:

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Do you have questions, ideas, or thoughts about our eco-friendly initiatives, the work of Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper, or how you can contribute to our mission of environmental conservation? We're all ears! Feel free to drop us a line below. Whether you seek more information or want to share your insights, we're here to engage in meaningful conversations about protecting our coastal paradise. Your inquiries are a vital step toward making our world a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable place.