Our Journey: From Dream to Reality


The Heart and Soul of Bohemia

In the Heart of Santa Teresa, a Dream Takes Root:

Bohemia didn’t emerge from a mere blueprint; it was born from a heartfelt dream and nurtured into reality. Rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Santa Teresa, this sanctuary came to life with meticulous care and passionate dedication. Our journey begins as a humble vision, and it evolves into a thriving haven.

Crafted with Love and Sustainability:

Every element of Bohemia embodies a deep appreciation for artistry, nature, and eco-conscious living. Local artisans, renowned for their craftsmanship, constructed this haven using sustainable materials like teak and other hardwoods. From the moment you enter our bungalows, you’re surrounded by the ambiance of luxury and purpose. Each intricate detail, from handpicked decor to the opulence of 300-thread count sheets, promises a nurturing retreat. Modern amenities, including hot water showers, air conditioning, and private patios overlooking the breathtaking ocean, create an oasis of comfort and tranquility.



A Unique Blend of Ocean and Jungle:

Nestled on a hillside, our bungalows offer captivating views of both the azure ocean and the lush jungle. This makes Bohemia the ideal choice for couples seeking a romantic escape, friends in pursuit of cherished moments, or individuals embarking on a solo retreat. Our profound connection to nature is reflected in the harmonious coexistence of ocean and jungle, where every sunrise and sunset becomes a symphony of awe-inspiring beauty.

Bohemia’s Commitment to the Environment and Community:

Bohemia doesn’t exist in isolation; it thrives as an integral part of the vibrant Santa Teresa community. Our commitment to the environment goes beyond sustainability; it’s about co-creating a lifestyle that benefits nature, the community, and our guests. Our active engagement includes tree planting, beach cleanups, and advocacy for wildlife conservation. We nurture an organic garden  to produce what we consume, strengthening our bond with the land that sustains us. As proud residents of a Bluezone, we’re dedicated to preserving the unique ecological balance of our cherished home.


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